My Journey…

Licensed Hairstylist of 14 Years. In the “Mane” game since 2001.

As a child, I would pass my time playing with my Dolls hair while Dreaming of the day I would own a Salon, Daycare, and Restaurant in one building.

In 2001, I worked at a Full Service Salon known as “The Braider”. Completed my license in Hair Design in 2010 from Phagans School of Hair Design. Then being offered an opportunity to work in a Structured Environment at J.C.Penney Salon. Gaining much Knowledge and Professionalism.

2014-2016, I began working for a Manufacturing Company. An experience that Greatly Benefited when one of my Daughters’ began losing her hair. Naturally like any concerned parent, I took her to her Doctor who prescribed a daily shampoo, but was stripping her hair of Natural Oils. As a Stylist with a Manufacturing Background, I was familiar with ingredients beneficial for Hair Care, and began to research further about Scalp Treatments for Hair Growth. I created a Recipe that assisted with Healthy Hair Growth, Dry Scalp, and Dandruff.

Over the years, I continued to refine my product by monitoring the Growth and Condition of both my Daughters’ hair, and knew I reached success when they threw away their other hair care products.

2019, I decided to begin making products readily available for my customers. I named it “Lil Mama”. A nickname I received from a Childhood Friend who passed a few months after I began distributing. And the Eye-Catching Logo designed by my youngest Daughter.

Now I am the Proud Owner of a Nurturing Organic Hair Care Line and Salon “Lil Mama’s Hair Growth.”

As an Innovative Woman dedicated to my craft, I am excited to create more products in the future to help others in my Community obtain Healthy Hair & Growth, and to pass on my Business to my Daughters in the future.